"We’ll start tonight in the Middle East, where Israel…"


"We’ll start tonight in the Middle East, where Israel…"

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Signal may send cancer’s cellular factories into overdrive

A network of signals active in almost all types of cancer sends the protein factories in our cells into overdrive, and may help fuel a tumour’s uncontrolled growth, new research suggests.

Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, one of the world’s most influential cancer research institutes, identified a molecular trigger responsible for ramping up activity of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) – the cellular factory that makes the building blocks cancer cells need to keep growing.

The findings may help to explain how cancer cells maintain their high levels of metabolism – and could uncover future targets for cancer treatment

The top three images show human hepatocarcinoma cells with the endoplasmic reticulum (blue) and nucleus (red). Copyright: Dr Chris Bakal, The Institute of Cancer Research, London.

The bottom image shows human epithelial cells from breast tissue treated with Torin, an inhibitor of TOR kinase, where the endoplasmic reticulum is (green), nuclei (red) and F-actin (grey) Copyright: Dr Chris Bakal, The Institute of Cancer Research, London.

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Behold: The Beauty of Solar Magnetism

NEW VIDEO! As massive magnetic fusion reactors go, the sun is pretty awesome. This week’s video features all the violence and beauty that erupt from that big bright thing at the center of our solar system.

We’ve got sunspots, coronal loops, solar flares, coronal mass ejections! Even an aurora or two!

And thanks to the fine people of NASA and their fancy satellites, this one is dripping with #spaceporn. Watch below:

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Amber Heard

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Kimimaro or Minato requested by cordeliatar

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Origami Wheel Robot

From  BioRobotics Lab at Seoul National University

The word, origami, comes from the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The unique characteristic of origami that realizes three-dimensional structures from two-dimensional materials have long attracted attention from various fields such as design, education and mathematics. Many of today’s engineers are using this oriental art to solve problems. It can be used as an inspiration to some architectural designs, and can also be used as fabrication method of robot design or MEMS process. 

By using this origami structure, the deformable wheel can be built without using many mechanical parts; the wheel is built with a single piece of sheet, with specific folds. Moreover, because of the characteristic that the structure constrains its own movement, it is possible to control the shape of the wheel using only a few actuators. When the robot run into the small slit smaller than the wheel diameter, the robot can deform the wheel and it is possible to get through the terrain. The proposed design for the deformable wheel shows the possibility of using origami structure as a functional structure with its own mechanism.

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There was an article today about an AirBnB user who can’t get an AirBnB renter out of her home. Apparently if someone rents from another for a month in the city they’re in, they’re considered month to month tenants and the only way to get the person out is to have them legally evicted. This of…

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by Nick-Percival


by Nick-Percival

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Day 56: FDR’s Cruise to Hawaii

On July 1, 1934, FDR boarded the USS Houston to begin his three week journey to the Territory of Hawaii. During the cruise FDR and his party made stops in the Bahamas, Haiti, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Columbia, Panama, Cocos Island and Clipperton Island. These stops included visits with foreign leaders and dignitaries, sightseeing through various countries and lots of fishing. FDR landed in Hawaii on July 24th to begin his historic visit.

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Black Widow is pregnant—but you won’t be able to tell. Here’s how. 


Black Widow is pregnant—but you won’t be able to tell. 

Here’s how. 

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